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AMS Enterprise 2.97

AMS Enterprise Features

 AMS Enterprise is more than just a mass mailer - it's a powerful tool for targeted and analyzed e-mail marketing. The program allows you to organize and fully automate all the mailing list management tasks. Beginning with creating and processing of 100% legitimate recipient lists, the program will guide you through composing highly personalized commercial messages, e-mail distribution process, and analysis of the advertisement campaign efficiency.


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AMS Enterprise  main window



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Automatic subscription / unsubscription management


  • The system includes the Input Mail Processor utility to let you fully automate the operations of adding or removing addresses to and from your mailing lists.
  • Input Mail Processor allows you to set any rules, by which the program will make decisions on adding or removing addresses to and from your mailing lists.
  • The program can process requests for subscription / unsubscription received from both e-mail addresses (runs periodic check for any number of e-mail accounts) and forms integrated with your web site.
  • Supports confirmed subscriptions (dual Opt-In), which let you create 100% legitimate recipient lists. Thus you will have no problems with hosting service providers and with aggressive anti-spammers in particular.

Mail Processor's  main window



WYSIWYG HTML message editor


  • HTML support allows creating pretty, stylish messages that generate greater response from your subscribers and prospective customers.
  • HTML, TEXT, and HTML+TEXT message support.
  • Support for any message encodings, including Cyrillic.
  • Message priority management capabilities.
  • Support for tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Unlimited attachments support.
  • You can create as many messages as you want; all of them will be automatically saved in the program's database. Thus you will have instant access to the existing messages and templates.
Message editor



Composing highly personalized messages and MailMerge


  • The program can automatically add data from any of the distribution lists' fields to message body and subject. This allows you to address to each of your recipient by name and automatically add any recipient-specific information to the message body.
  • Besides the regular MailMerge function, AMS Enterprise allows you to define MailMerge Rules, which will let you change the message content dynamically and completely automatically depending on the distribution list fields' state. For instance, the program can automatically add information on a number of goods or services to the message depending on the recipient's interests and areas of expertise.
  • Using the program's preview function, you may see how exactly your message will look in the recipient's mailbox, check whether the mail merge and template functionality has performed properly, etc. - all before that message is even sent.
Preview window



Detailed statistics on mail-out results


  • The program allows tracking the number of messages opened by recipients in the real time and then generating a list of such recipients.
  • The program allows tracking the number of clicks made through the links provided in the message and then generating a list of such recipients. This feature will let you automatically select users that are actually interested in your offers.
  • Statistics on delivered, undelivered, unaccepted, etc. messages + raw logs of all servers transactions provide sufficient information on which messages have been processed, and what's their status.
  • Building recipient address lists depending on the SMTP servers' specific response (SMTP rules).
Statistics  window



Fast message delivery


  • Message delivery speed of up to 200 000 messages per hour.
  • 100% multi-threaded mail distribution module's architecture. You can set up to 500 send threads for each mail distribution.
  • Running multiple independent message distributions simultaneously.
  • Pausing and resuming e-mail distribution.
  • Automatic caching of DNS requests.
  • Built-in SMTP server will let you deliver your message directly to the recipient's mailbox, bypassing the ISP's SMTP server.
  • Delivering messages via any number of remote SMTP servers (relays).
  • SMTP authentication support.
  • Miscellaneous mail delivery support (To/ CC/ BCC/ Personal Copy).
  • Automatic detection of the bad (invalid) and unaccepted e-mail addresses right during the message delivery based on the flexible user-defined SMTP rules. SMTP let you achieve extremely high accuracy in detecting the bad addresses, bypassing the false triggers.
  • Dial-Up connection support. In case the connection is lost, the program will pause mail delivery and automatically dial-up to the ISP; once the connection is re-established, the mail delivery will be continued.
Sending window


Powerful mailing list manager:


  • Importing addresses from the Outlook's address book, text and CSV files, and from any other sources via the ADO/ODBC.
  • Large mailing list support � the program allows storing of up to 5 million e-mail addresses in each mailing list.
  • Unlimited number of fields available in each mailing list; this allows you to store user-specific information along with the actual e-mail address and thus fully utilize the MailMerge feature.
  • Changing field structure for new and existing mailing lists alike.
  • Numerous functions for mailing list management: duplicate removal, comparison, merging, splitting, and running any SQL query.
  • Finding and removing records that match certain criterions.
  • Sorting lists by any field (using SQL).
  • Exclusion List - addresses to be automatically excluded from all mailings.
  • Exclusion Rules - set flexible restrictions for importing certain addresses and mailing to them.
Mail list  manager window



Automatic scheduled message delivery


  • AMS Enterprise includes the Mailings Scheduler utility that allows you to run mail delivery by schedule.
  • Mailings Scheduler lets you define any number of flexible rules for running mailings: single-time or periodic (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • The Mailings Scheduler utility can start up automatically when Windows starts. You can prepare the mailings and set their schedules once - AMS Enterprise will automatically do the rest.
Scheduler's main  window